We took a jar as plain as can be. We cleaned it up, to make it germ free. We added paint and a tissue print. Top coat on that, the final sprint. We buffed it up to make it shine. For you to own and call it "mine".

A Tale of Two Sisters

The story behind us sisters two, one with brown eyes the other blue. Total opposites really like someone sang, one definitely Yin the other one Yang.

Our upbringing and place of birth NZ, but opportunity lead to another instead. Both of us moving over to Aussie to lay our roots and become a Kwassie.

Nothing was wasted in our past, everything reused and made to last. We saw the beauty in a simple jar and knew we could spice it up by far.

So our adventure began and here it starts, JarsBecause created through two sisters hearts.

Love of crafts, love of upcycling and love of family.